end of days

It has been an emotionally wrenching past few days. I look at the last blog post and kind of laugh at the whole idea of going back in time, except it isn't really funny, because it's fucking happening. Anyway, it has been raining here like crazy -- stopping only on Saturday for the Women's March! It actually hailed today. Hail! Nyan said, "Gotta wait for the locusts."


time-traveling part 2

We continue our tradition of going back in time on New Year's Eve.

I wasn't able to share photos from two years ago, so, what the heck, here they are. To usher in 2015, we travelled to the Sixties.

hippiesthe quibs imo & sunsh bubsbaloo & bubs 123114 nica, asha, yumi, lea um... (So wrong. But hilarious.)

I'm skipping 2015, because that was the year we, for some odd reason, felt meh at the coming of the new year, so we rang it in in our pajamas. In retrospect, it was appropriate, considering the kind of year 2016 turned out to be. We are still reeling from 2016, but we weren't going to sulk into 2017. So we got off our butts and met it head-on, Seventies Disco style.

original threequibkids quibs cousinskat & joms kat, limbo dancing phambup&m j,l,a,e,m yumi & bubsyumi & bubs nacho, asha, yumii&s hairy chests will do sparklers


christmas day 2016

We unwrapped presents in the morning, ate Noche Buena leftovers, listened to records, enjoyed our Christmas loot, and lounged around at home the whole day.

presents asha's lootyumi unwrapping another present nacho & imo taking a selfie imo & asha all my babies in one frame candycanes in palayok asha's new taylor swift record asha's new taylor swift record coffee & gingerbread house pine branch. daddy. captive millie greenery in the kitcheneating leftover sotanghon soup

I think we did Christmas pretty well this year (in spite of all the facts). I am grateful for that privilege.