spring break 2016: sausalito

Just three things:

1. Heath Factory Store
2. floating homes
3. coffee and sandwiches at Cibo

beautiful ceramics i can't afford someday. floating homes more floating homes
nacho & paninis
hot chocolates
best latte ever


spring break 2016: berkeley

The word "Berkeley" stirs up some funny emotions in me. It was the road not taken. It is a place I have false memories of. Therefore, in a grounding, facing-reality way, I am glad that we visited recently. (My first time to go there, actually, although I can't be sure -- you see what I mean?) We met up with Roland, who is there teaching a course on Philippine film for the Spring term (very cool). He showed us around campus. "UC Berkeley or UCLA?" we asked the kids, particularly Nacho, for whom college is only four years away (oh god).

imo & the girls, UC berkeley campus in front of South Hall, the oldest building (built in 1873) in the UC Berkeley campus

snowflakes inside BAMPFA, a work inspired by Wilson Bentley's first photographs of snowflakes

(A series of Bentley's snowflake photographs from the late 1800's was also on exhibit here. I thought they were beautiful and incredibly moving. Another work that captivated me in this museum was George Ault's "August Night at Russell's Corners." These days, the girls are slightly more open-minded about art in museums, whereas Nacho expresses disdain, which I think is completely valid. I told him, though, that one shouldn't make judgments based on ignorance. I am crossing my fingers he and his sisters will learn to approach these things more thoughtfully as they grow older. Prompted by our visit to The Broad, Imo and I bought them this book, which probably doesn't help at all right now, but it's hilarious and I couldn't help myself.)

roland, imo, nacho in campus walking inside the campus

sather tower Sather Tower

view from the top of sather tower view from the top of Sather Tower, looking west, the Golden Gate Bridge is hidden in fog

bells carillon bells

the quibs family photo! taken by Roland

sather gate Sather gate

crossing the street + amoeba records on Telegraph Avenue, in front of Amoeba Records, on our way to Moe's Bookstore

imo, doe library Imo inside the Doe Memorial Library

welcome to my future school! "Welcome to my future school!" is what I think Yumi is trying to say here.


paradoxes | a weekend recap

On Friday, we saw an old friend from Fremont who was visiting LA. She came with her husband and two little ones and we all had dinner at Mom's. I was just telling Imo that Anna is the only tangible connection I have to the time that I spent living in Fremont in my late teens -- it wasn't even two years, but it was alienating and borderline traumatic. Without her, it would almost be as if that time never existed for me, or more aptly: that I never existed in that time and place. I feel like I passed through Fremont like a ghost, and it's strange and comforting to have someone other than my family who had witnessed that passing through and is still in my life.

Anyway, while we gathered at Mom's on Friday, Bubs sang a bunch of songs for our guests, and when she said, "I can't think of any more songs," Nyan and I started making requests for Weezer and Lisa Loeb and Green Day. We (Joms and Anna included) cracked up the way old people do when they reminisce and only they get the joke. Of course, Bubs just looked at us like we were crazy. The 90's doesn't seem that long ago, but, man, it feels so far away.

Which brings me to Saturday night's music festival. Imo had informed me a couple of days before that Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket) was going to be there, so we kind of planned to go but were open to not going, depending on our mood. Haha. Anyway, the universe cooperated -- we finished dinner early, the kids didn't protest -- and we found ourselves checking out the festival. At first it didn't seem like anything was going on; it was so low-key. (This is why South Pas is my kind of town. Haha.) We walked to the different "stages" along Mission St. and Imo and I agreed that when they said "eclectic music festival" they really meant eclectic music festival. We tried our best to keep an open mind! There was country music on one stage, quiet acoustic music inside the Music Center, loud house music in front of La Monarca, PIRATE MUSIC -- not pirated music, I mean literally pirates, as in, of the Caribbean -- by the train station, and this in an alley:

eclectic nga

(!?) which I can't really explain except that it made us think "Fred Armisen made-up avant-garde band," and this in front of the South Pas Police Department building:

in front of the sppd office

which seemed pretty cool, until we heard Glen Phillips starting his set, so we rushed to cross the street.

They played a whole hour-long set. And although they weren't Toad the Wet Sprocket, they played three Toad songs from the 90's, so although my kids were starting to whine about being tired (we were standing right in front of the stage) and I didn't anticipate we would be out that late, my heart was happy. I shamelessly sang along to "All I Want" and "Walk on the Ocean" and "Nanci." Along with a handful other middle-aged Gen-Xers in that crowd. Lol. It was nice to feel young-ish. Also, I decided that I liked Glen Phillips. To introduce one of his songs, he said that he'd been thinking about lighthouses and their kind of love (these are the types of thoughts you think when you spend a lot of time driving in your car, he said): whereas regular love says, "I love you, come closer," lighthouse love says, "I love you, stay away." I never thought about the purpose of lighthouses as a kind of love, but since he mentioned it, it made perfect sense to me. It was a wonderful metaphor. Also, before their last song, he reminded everyone to vote in the primaries. He was feeling the Bern, he said. People cheered. Thank god we were in good company.

glen phillips

On Sunday, Imo and I, with Asha and Yumi, attended the awards banquet in honor of our gymnasts at Club Champion. There are two every year -- one for USAG (to which Yumi belongs), and another for IGC (to which Asha belongs). These parties always make me mildly anxious (because this), but I think I am getting the hang of them. It helps to plan one's outfit weeks in advance, and also to open a tab at the bar. I'm kidding. It was fun. We are getting to know our gymnastics community a little better. We are grateful that our girls feel at home there.

level 4 girls


spring break 2016: pescadero

We went on another road trip in April. We were headed for San Francisco, where we were staying with Baloo and Irving, but we took the 101 from the 5, driving through Salinas (John Steinbeck country where we should've stopped by but didn't; we will next time!) and Santa Cruz, then taking Highway 1 to Pescadero. The hills were lush, with orange, yellow and purple flowers.

the hills are green. and orange. the coast more road we never tire of the view

After a 6-hour drive (pleasant, uneventful), we stopped at Pie Ranch where the kids played on an old piano and shared a chocolate pie.

first stop: pie ranch in pescadero fruits & veggies for sale they find a piano pie ranch outdoor area quib sibs

We spotted a lighthouse while we continued north on the 1 and decided to check it out.

lighthouse kids + lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse is in great need of TLC. It made us think of Piedras Blancas, which we visited last year, and how that one was in much better shape.

watching the ocean

We wanted to find old town Pescadero but lost our GPS signal. All we could see for miles were fields. The cellular service-less rural landscape makes our kids very nervous. Imo and I think it's hilarious. Anyway, we found the town. The kids were so relieved. We went into Arcangeli Market and bought a warm loaf of their famous artichoke bread. We demolished that bread. It was so good.

old town pescadero sign artichokes 10 for $6.99 at arcangeli market their famous artichoke bread

It was an unusually warm day. We walked down the street, checked out a shop, bought a bag of locally-roasted coffee beans, walked past an old diner/grocery store with an outdoor picnic area, got coffees at a cafe brimming with hipsteraphernalia. We walked back to the car, stopped for gas at a small corner gasoline station, and travelled the remaining 47 miles to San Francisco.

slowcoast, where we bought some locally roasted coffee beans an old diner outdoor tables flipping through records fields