A family tradition began a few years ago wherein we would go back in time on New Year's Eve. Here we are in the 1920's in 2011:

gangsterkids thequibs

The 1980's in 2012:

80's jane fonda, madonna & cyndi lauper
80's streamers
atari donkey kong
80's artifacts
80's party people

And recently, the 1950's:

the quibs

I swear, sans the drama (that plagues all families, I'm sure), our extended family is a riot. There were impromptu song and dance numbers. And good ol' rockin' 'round the clock. (Well, that is, until a little past midnight.)

more dancing full swing
the quibilans
mr. & mrs. quibilan

Needless to say, we had a blast! Have a great 2014, everyone!

all of us

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