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Here are some photos, long overdue, of our school district's 5th grade musical that Yumi was a part of. So much work went into this production, I still get exhausted just thinking about it, and all I did was drive carpools and supervise some rehearsals and take pictures -- minimal work compared to what I imagine everyone else from SPEF and Upstage and all the other parent volunteers had to do! Anyway, I think it's wonderful when the community comes together to provide such a great experience to our kids. The reward was these amazing performances! (Stuck Song Syndrome notwithstanding. It's happening again right now. Lol.)

Yumi played Grace Farrell, "private secretary to Oliver Warbucks, the billionaire." She had solos in two musical numbers, "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" and "NYC," and was a total pro. She loved being on stage and wishes she got to do more than two shows!

DSC_1051.jpg DSC_1185.jpg DSC_1224.jpg DSC_1228.jpg DSC_1306.jpg DSC_1329.jpg DSC_1404.jpg DSC_1407.jpg DSC_1450.jpg DSC_1510.jpg DSC_1648.jpg DSC_1850.jpg DSC_1878.jpg DSC_1919.jpg

(Two years ago, Asha did The Lion King Jr. Also amazing! Here's a throwback.)

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