organizing is my favorite hobby.

My most recent home organization project was to sort our cleaning + bath + beauty supplies. This is worth reporting because the improvement was dramatic. Haha! The truth is, for years I tried to find ways to deal with the assortment of things that cluttered our bathroom and kitchen under-sink/counter cabinets, but haven't had much success. These were the areas where all things hoarded (hotel toiletries, bulk Costco products, scented candles received as gifts), toxic (insecticides, clog removers), gross (squeeze bottle toilet bowl cleaners, sink drain snakes), ugly (used synthetic sponges and brushes, old towels), forgotten (half-consumed bottles of shampoo, expired sunscreens and insect repellant sprays) pretty much ended up. I dreaded each time I had to open those cabinets. But a few weeks ago, I opened them and thought fuck it and went to work. (This is also why I have no "before" photos.)

This project was something I had to do in stages, though getting rid of stuff (to throw or give away) was already half the battle. I didn't need majority of the things in those cabinets, to tell you the truth, especially since I had switched to natural multi-purpose products like Castile soap, vinegar and baking soda. Then I organized what was left in baskets, trays, glass jars, etc. that I had saved and repurposed (the spray bottles I bought on Amazon). I also replaced plastic cleaning tools with wood and metal ones. I admit that I felt obsessive and ridiculous because I almost jumped with excitement when I found an enameled milk pan at HomeGoods that I could use as a tabo replacement. Anyway, the idea is to have only what is useful and beautiful and durable. The hope is to end up buying less and wasting less (at least from this point on).

bathroom linens bath supplies candles etc. cleaning supplies hygiene products under the kitchen sink makeup drawer enamel tabo!

As you can see, I've gone off the Remodelista deep end. I regret nothing.


  1. I love the canvas boxes with organised period products! :D Gah. My dream project -- but impossible to do (for now!) with a rowdy toddler in the house.

    1. haha! thanks, nene. hugs to you and your rowdy toddler!