Flowers are in bloom and plants are growing!

I grew the aeonium and lavender from cuttings last year. I planted them, sort of noncommittally, in the galvanized steel troughs where I had unsuccessfully tried to grow Solanum jasminoides vines, because the sight of the empty planters was making me depressed. I guess my simple act of sadness-avoidance more than paid off!
aeonium & lavender that i grew from cuttings

The lavender hasn't really flowered, but I'm hoping that's because it's still a baby.
one of two lavender flowers, haha

On the other hand, the bower vine in the front patio continues to flower and has produced a number of seed pods which I've been collecting. (I'm not sure yet where to sow them!)
bower vine

I pruned back my herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano). They didn't look too good a couple of months ago, and I thought I would have to replace them, but they've sprouted new leaves and look like they're going to be okay. At some point this season, I really need to transplant them into bigger pots.

Even the echeveria has bloomed!
flowering echeveria

In our courtyard, the bougainvilleas have never looked better in pink and white and purple, and the sweet broom that I recently planted complements in bright yellow.
bougainvillea sweet broom + bougainvillea

Last week, Imo and I walked around South Pas's little downtown area. We walked past Bill's raised beds along El Centro and I couldn't help but admire his veggies: cabbages, lacinato & red kale, carrots, a variety of lettuces. Urban farming is all sorts of awesome.
urban farming cabbages carrotskale kaleslettuces at fiore

Around town, more lavender, candy-colored lantana flowers, plum blossoms!
lavender candy-colored lantana walking down el centro plum tree in bloom

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