here's a cup

"You ask any Marxist about labor and labor-value, they always immediately go to production. Well, here’s a cup. Somebody has to make the cup, it’s true. But we make a cup once, and we wash it ten thousand times, right? That labor just completely disappears in most of these accounts. Most work isn’t about producing things, it’s about keeping them the same, it’s about maintaining them, taking care of them, but also taking care of people, taking care of plants and animals."

- David Graeber, "The Rise of Bullshit Jobs"
I haven't written in two months because I've been busy washing many cups ten thousand times. On top of that, I've been avoiding having to mentally confront all the shitty things going on right now (Trump is on a roll) especially vis-a-vis all the domestic concerns that fill my days. Anyhow, so the world is on fire, but the care work continues. We've accomplished a couple major home improvement projects since summer break started, such as cleaning out and organizing the girls' closets, and most recently, container gardening work in the patios. There was a rally on Saturday to protest this administration's inhumane immigration policies and blatant xenophobia and racism, but we skipped that to go to the Home Depot to buy materials for the box planter I'd been asking Imo to build for me. Nyan said she hopes we don’t end up looking back on that day with regret when we find ourselves in a Handmaid's Tale world.


  1. Thinking of you and everyone there, all my best.
    It's a firestorm here too. Life is so crazy.