thirteen #2

Asha turned thirteen and I now have two teenagers in the house! Yeah! (Seriously though, in my experience, thirteen is a relief after the emotional/hormonal turmoil of twelve.) She invited some friends over for dinner (grilled chicken and caprese pasta salad) and cake (carrot, by request, with mascarpone cream cheese frosting) and an outdoor movie (Titanic) and impromptu s'mores-making in the middle of the movie (right before all the sinking action -- sorry, spoilers, LOL). I enjoyed throwing this party because Asha and her friends are a crazy bunch -- I could barely keep from laughing as they shrieked and giggled at Jack and Rose's most romantic scenes then shushed each other during the "Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack" scene. For the record, this was the third time Asha saw Titanic -- and it was what got her started on a Leonardo DiCaprio movie-watching spree earlier this year. (I believe she's gone through his entire filmography. She's now moved on to River Phoenix.)

dinner keeping those candles litthe breeze blew them out
There was a breeze in the patio and the candles wouldn't stay lit, so we had to move the birthday cake festivities indoors.
singing happy birthday happy birthday, asha!yay!!! hugs!huuugggsss The kids settled in for the movie in the back patio. We were equipped with spray-on mosquito repellant! (One of my great ideas that evening, to make up for the fact that I momentarily forgot how to focus a camera.) about to watch Titanic s'mores breakmaking s'mores The carrot cake was delicious, by the way. Birthday girl had the last slices to herself the next day.
what's left of the carrot cakewhat's left of the carrot cake

Many, many happy returns, my fiercely independent, always original, funny, brilliant Ate Asha!

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