This is the first day in more than a month that I haven't needed to turn on the AC. On Thursday, the kids go back to school. Hooray! The past couple of months seemed to have stretched on, even though the weeks feel very short (i.e. it's laundry day again). I know that this summer has been long -- at least, for me -- because we didn't really go anywhere or do anything. That is, for the first time in years, we didn't need to go on any sports-related trips. We didn't go on any trips, period. When I am at home with the kids, that's no vacation for me! Also, the heat was something else this year, with the loss of those ficus trees that once shaded our apartment and the record-breaking heatwave and those record-breaking wildfires. ("IN YOUR FACE!" said climate change.) Anyway, I am thankful that the weather is pleasant today, and that in two days, I'll have the weekdays to myself again.

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