I can't stop taking pictures of my plants. I am amazed when I can keep them alive and healthy... and heartbroken when they get sick and die. I have had a few die on me these past couple of months: RIP calibrachoa, begonias, lantana, dracaena marginata #1, lemon thyme. I am trying to learn how to not get affected so much when things go wrong in the garden. I have to remind myself that gardening is as much a lesson in letting go as it is in perseverance.

plants opuntia microdasys monstrose (crazy bunny ears) sampaguita vinca (still moody) boston fern flowering echeveria more plants more plants prickly pear cactus with new growth prickly pear with new baby pads organized potting table baby's tears poinsettia & norfolk island pine succulents on the potting bench rosemary germander dwarf olive tree chimineaportulaca, late afternoon

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